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Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes (1)
Agriculture & Forestry (2)
Automation, Motors & Drives (20)
Construction (1)
Electrical & Test Equipment (53)
Facility Maintenance & Safety (4)
Fasteners & Hardware (7)
Healthcare, Lab & Life Science (7)
Heavy Equipment Parts & Accs (4)
HVAC (1)
Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Pumps (12)
Light Equipment & Tools (1)
Manufacturing & Metalworking (12)
Material Handling (2)
Office (20)
Other Business & Industrial (7)
Printing & Graphic Arts (1)
Restaurant & Catering (2)
Retail & Services (4)

161 total
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Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes
Mill-Rose Red Teflon Tape PTFE 1/2" x 540 1.0041 min01.00
Agriculture & Forestry
Stainless Steel Beekeepers Bee Hive Nuc Box Entrance Gate Beekeeping Equip F&F 0.9947 min00.00
Water Nipple Chicken Feeders and Drinkers poultry feeding water supplier Z2 0.9950 min00.69
Automation, Motors & Drives
KY-024 Hall Magnetic Standard Linear Module For Arduino AVR PIC New 0.992 min01.85
1/2/5/10PCS Smart Car Robot IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor For Arduino 0.994 min01.85
10MM RGB LED Module Light Emitting Diode for Arduino STM32 5V M92 Top 0.998 min01.85
2PCS Temperature Humidity Sensor PCB Board for HTU21D/20D SI7021/20 SHT25/20/21 0.999 min01.85
2pcs Female MICRO USB to DIP 5-Pin Pinboard 2.54mm micro USB type M93 0.9913 min01.68
Rotary Encoder Module Brick Sensor Development Board For Arduino 0.9913 min01.85
315MHz Helical Antenna 2.15dBi 27mm Precise for Remote Contorl HPD215T-A-315 0.9916 min01.85
KY-024 Hall Magnetic Standard Linear Module For Arduino AVR PIC 0.9920 min01.85
Augat RS-24 NO Magnet Actuated Reed Switch 0.0132 min09.99
K Type Thermocouple Male Mini Connector 0.9934 min00.00
For Arduino MQ-5 LPG Natural Gas Propane Methane Butane Sensor 0.9935 min01.85
Microphone Sensor AVR PIC High Sensitivity Sound Detection Module Arduino EPCA 0.9944 min00.00
TTP223B Digital Touch Sensor capacitive touch switch module for Arduino EPCA 0.9944 min00.00
Channel 5V Relay Module Shield for Arduino Uno Meage 2560 1280 ARM PIC AVR DSP 1.0645 min00.00
1x Kettle Electric Kettle Thermostat Switch TM-XD-3 100-240V 13A T125 F&F 0.9948 min00.00
KSD9700 Temperature Switch Thermostat Thermal Protector Normally Closed/Open F&F 0.9948 min00.00
New Hall Magnetic Standard Linear Module For Arduino AVR PIC KY-024 0.9949 min01.85
10PCS Vibration Switch Shake Sensor Switch for Shake Rod Skates 5.5mm*5.5mm*18mm 0.9950 min01.77
1X L9110S H-bridge Stepper Motor Dual DC Driver Controller Board for Arduino RZ 1.0953 min00.00
Siemens 5SB151 NSNP **GENUINE** 5SB1 51 1.0059 min00.00
lcn hold open closer 0.9929 min00.00
Electrical & Test Equipment
1PCS DM0565R FSDM0565RBWDTU New Best Offer 8A 6-Pin(6+Tab) TO-220F Rail 1.00seconds03.00
Pass & Seymour 50 AMPS 3 Pole 4 Wire Flush Mount Range Outlet 0.99seconds04.00
USB 5V 1A 1S 3.7V Li-ion Lithium 18650 Battery Charging Module Charger Board 0.991 min00.00
Eaton Current Interrupting Max. RMS SYS. 1.0 A 120/240 Vac.Switches 2 Pole Unit 0.992 min00.00
50PCS SMD Tactile PushButton Key Switch Momentary Tact 2 Pins 3x6x2.5mm 0.992 min01.85
Fan Fixture Box Allied Moulded Nonmetallic 4" Slider Box DSB-CBFR 25.0 Cu.In 0.993 min00.00
400/830 MB102 Point Breadboard 1660 Power Supply module W Jump Wire For Arduino 0.995 min01.85
8X8* MCP89MZ-A2 MCP89MZ-A3 MCP89M-ENS-A2 MCP89MZ-ENG-A3 MCP89MZ Stencil Template 0.9912 min02.50
1PCS 5V 3Bit WS2812 5050 RGB LED Lamp Panel Board Round Shape NEW CK9 0.9916 min01.85
Useful 30 Pcs 2 Pole 5mm Straight Pin PCB Mount Screw Terminal Block Connector 0.9316 min40.00
New RF20108 ABS Plastic Box for Electronics Instrument Enclosure Shell Case DIY 0.6917 min04.72
9X9* MCP89MZ-A2 MCP89MZ-A3 MCP89M-ENS-A2 MCP89MZ-ENG-A3 MCP89MZ Stencil Template 0.9917 min02.50
50PCS 3X6X2.5mm Tactile Push Button Switch Tact Switch Micro Switch 2-Pin SMD 0.9921 min01.85
1PCS 5V 3Bit WS2812 5050 RGB LED Lamp Panel Board Round Shape NEW C9 0.9922 min01.85
50 ea Tyco Terminal Connector 42281-2 0.9927 min00.00
M85049/52-1-18N SUNBANK MIL Spec Clamp, Cable, Electrical Connector 0.9927 min00.00
3 pcs 18Pin DIP SIP Round IC Sockets Adaptor Solder Type gold plated machined 0.9932 min01.85
10Pcs 1A 30V DC 250V Black Latching On Off Mini Torch Push Button Switch KW 0.9935 min00.12
Knob Davies Clone 1900H Screw Set 12.7x15.9mm Black - Free Shipping 0.9935 min00.00
10Pcs 12.000MHZ 12MHZ 12M HZ HC-49S Crystal Oscillator 0.9935 min01.98
1 pieces New 400 tie points Solderless Pwb-breadboard Universal Test Protoboard 0.5735 min30.00
NE1PC 10W Warm White High Power 30Mil SMD Led Chip Flood Light Bead New 0.5835 min70.00
5PCS DS1307 1307 IC Real-Time Clock Dallas DIP-8 NEW 0.9936 min03.00
10PCS NPN Transistor KSP10 NPN 25V TO-92 NEW 0.9936 min01.85
10PCS NPN Transistor KSP10 NPN 25V TO-92 NEW 0.9938 min01.99
Brand New 15 Pcs x 30V 1A 1N5818 Diode Schottky FAST SHIPPING (USA) 0.9939 min02.20
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