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Electrical & Test Equipment
6E 50-PCS LOT Silver Mica MICA Cornell Dubilier CD19FD402F03 4000PF 500V 0.99seconds17.00
6D 50-PCS LOT Silver Mica MICA Cornell Dubilier CD19FD152K 03 1500PF 500V 0.99seconds17.00
6E 100-PCS LOT Silver Mica MICA Cornell Dubilier CD10ED390J03 500V 390PF 0.991 min03.75
10x KW10 125V 1A 3 Terminals Momentary 13mm Lever Arm Micro Switch H- 0.996 min00.00
PCI-E 8PIN Male to 8PIN Female PCI Express Power Extension Cable Fr Video Card0U 0.998 min00.00
Archer 272-130 005uf Disc Capacitor (1) 50 wvdc minimum 0.998 min00.00
1/10A 250V - 8AG Fast-Acting Fuse - Littelfuse 361.100 *NOS* 1.009 min03.00
1 Pcs UHF PL259 Male Plug to N Female Jack Straight RF Connector Adapter 0.899 min21.99
10x SMC Female Jack Straight Crimp For RG174 RG179 RG316 RG188 Cable Connector 0.019 min08.98
Pack of 20: LEVITON MSTWL-WST 20A Wiring Module, Lev-Lok #85792 0.9911 min015.00
10PCS New Single Row 1x3 pins 2.54mm Female Header Straight Connector NEW 0.9911 min01.85
GE 2369 NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR NNB 0.9912 min03.00
(2x) 1A 250V - 8AG Fast-Acting Fuse - Littelfuse 361001 *NOS* 1.0017 min03.00
Calectro J4-866 TO-220 Heat Sink 0.9921 min00.00
2x CD4051BCN FAIRCHILD IC MUX/DEMUX 8X1 16 PIN DIP Analog Multiplexer Single 2/ 0.9923 min00.00
3X PCB Panel Female IC Breakable 2.54mm 40pin Single Row Round Header SocketATCA 1.0424 min00.00
12-Volt DC 30-Watt 2.5A Waterproof Power Supply Driver 3-Prong Plug Refurbished 0.9925 min30.00
Balun 75 300ohm IEC TV PAL Male AdapterConnector AntennaMatching TransformerIBCA 0.9925 min00.00
U.fl IPX Female RA to BNC female Nut bulkhead RFJumper 1.13mm Cable 20cm 0.9927 min04.00
Archer 276-007 741 OP AMP 8 pin mini DIP 0.9927 min00.00
5x 15x17mm Golden Knob Cap Mini Aluminum Alloy Ø6mm Potentiometer Knobs 0.9927 min00.00
2A MT3608 DC-DC Step Up Power Apply Module Booster Power Module For Arduino 0.5727 min81.85
10pcs Thermistor Temperature Sensor NTC-MF52-103/3435 10K ohm Pip IBCA 0.9928 min00.00
Archer 276-1802 TTL integrated circuit Hex Inverter 7404 0.9928 min00.00
8pcs Round Red 3 Pin SPST ON-OFF Rocker Switch With Neon Lamp 0.0129 min05.99
10Pcs 10A 3 Way LED Ceiling Quick Fix Spring Clamp Terminal Block Connectors 0U 0.9932 min00.00
2PCS Mini USB To DIP Adapter Converter For 2.54mm PCB Board DIY Power Supply AT 0.6134 min51.85
DC-DC 1V 1.2V 1.5V 1.8V 2.5V 3V to DC 3.3V Step up Boost Power Supply Converter 0.9934 min01.75
MPSA05 TRANSISTOR NNB 0.9936 min03.00
82x52x35mm DIY Plastic Electronic Project Box Enclosure Instrument Case 0U 0.9937 min00.20
10x Set 12x12x9mm Latching Tactile Push Button Switch Tact SMD PCB 2-pin DIP TSC 1.1837 min00.00
10PCS D-UK2.5 END PLATE Din Rail Uneiversal screw type Terminal Blocks TSCA 1.1838 min00.00
Lithium Module Controller Charger 3A Balance Protection Board 7.2V Battery 2S 1.0240 min00.00
Power Transistor IGBT 1200V 313W FGA25N120FB 0U 0.9942 min00.00
operating and service manual HP relay actuator 59306A 59306 a Hewlett Packard 0.9943 min00.00
New Mini Push Button SPST Momentary N/O OFF-ON Switch 10mm YELLOW 0.9944 min02.98
20Pcs 1000uF 10V Radial Lead Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors 8x12mm AB 0.9944 min00.00
6S**495-PCS LOT Fuses 5A 250V ** 0.9946 min14.00
5 Pcs DC Power Male Electrical Equipment Connectors Jack Adapter Plug 1.2048 min00.00
4T**500-PCS LOT Fuses 0.25A 250V ** 0.9948 min14.00
10/50/100PCS 6 Pin 2.54 mm Stackable Long Legs Femal Header For Arduino Shield 0.9951 min01.85
2PCS 12mm Green Waterproof Momentary ON/OFF Push Button Mini Round Switch 0.9952 min01.85
6K 50-PCS Silver MICA Cornell Dubilier CD19FD2871 2870PF 500V MIL 354-74287-11 0.9955 min15.00
6K 50-PCS Silver MICA Cornell Dubilier CD19FD132G03 1300PF 500V 0.9955 min15.00
40pcs Dupont wire jumper cables 2.54MM 20cm male to male 1P-1P For Arduino 0.9955 min00.99
6L 20-PCS LOT Capacitors 10UF 200V 0.9956 min03.75
74F86N 2-Input Quad IC Signetics 0.9958 min03.95
3T**500-PCS LOT Fuses 3A 250V ** 0.9959 min16.00
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