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Electrical & Test Equipment (51)
Facility Maintenance & Safety (4)
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Healthcare, Lab & Life Science (11)
Heavy Equipment Parts & Accs (15)
Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Pumps (5)
Light Equipment & Tools (2)
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Automation, Motors & Drives
1pc IR Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Detector Module HC--SR501 H2 sky 0.712 min40.00
Used EA ELEKTRO AUTOMATIK EA-PS 3032-10 POWER SUPPLY 0.0110 min10.00
ATMEGA8A TQFP32 Microcontroller 0.9918 min02.75
5V DC SONGLE Power Relay SRD-05VDC-SL-C PCB Type 0.9931 min01.50
IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module for Arduino Barrier Module Sensor 0.9953 min00.00
Aerial Camera Miniature Nylon FPV PTZ Dual-axis Steering Gear PTZ Mini Stand 0.9954 min00.00
5 yards Reflective Tape Strip Sew-On Silver Fabric Trim Safty Vest Width 10mm 04 0.3411 min60.00
5 yards Reflective Tape Strip Sew-On Silver Fabric Trim Safty Vest Width 10mm 03 0.3155 min50.00
Electrical & Test Equipment
DC-DC Buck Converter 9V 12V 24V 36V To 5V 3A Step Down Dual USB Charger Module 0.551 min50.00
10PCS LM393D LM393 SOP8 Dual Low Power Comparato SOIC-8 SMD 0.991 min02.90
10A Fuse Socket FS101 with Indicator Light Rail Style Fuse Socket 6X30mm Socket 0.991 min01.38
Used Philips PE1537 DC Power Supply 40V-1A 0.014 min00.00
10x D-UK2.5 END PLATE Din Rail Uneiversal screw type Terminal Blocks 0.998 min00.00
20pcs Black Cable Organizer Plastic Clip Self-adhesive Wire Line Buckle/US 0.5510 min40.00
JAPAN 1PCS Nichicon 10uF 50V MUSE ES BP BI-POLARIZED for Audio Capacitor Caps 0.9914 min04.00
MAX3232 RS232 Serial Port To TTL Converter Module DB9 Connector With Cable 0.2116 min50.00
Nais Aromat Panasonic Switches 1.0018 min02.95
ALCO, C&K, NKK, Grayhill Switches & Rotary Switch 1.0018 min02.95
S00774-104 (1 Pc Lot) 40 mfd 100 volt 100V solid electrolyte tantalum capacitor 1.0019 min00.00
S00774-202 (3 Pc Lot) 12mfd 20 volt 20V solid electrolyte tantalum capacitor 1.0020 min00.00
S00774-203 (2 Pc Lot) 6.8mfd 35 volt 35V solid electrolyte tantalum capacitor 1.0020 min00.00
S00774-205 (2 Pc Lot) 2.2 mfd 60 volt 60V solid electrolyte tantalum capacitor 1.0020 min00.00
15KV 3.7V Inverter Generator arc Cigarette Lighter Coil Module Kits High Voltage 0.5521 min50.00
S00774-206 (2 Pc Lot) 15 mfd 20 volt 20V solid electrolyte tantalum capacitor 1.0021 min00.00
S00774-207 (1 Pc Lot) 68 mfd 15 volt 15V solid electrolyte tantalum capacitor 1.0021 min00.00
10 pcs DIP-28 28 PIN 28PIN DIP IC Sockets Adaptor Solder Type Narrow 2017 new 0.9921 min00.00
S00774-208 (4 Pc Lot) 3.3 mfd 35 volt 35V solid electrolyt tantalum capacitor 1.0022 min00.00
I2C to PC LPT Adapter Blank PCB GREAT for EDU Qty1 Connect to LPT port... new 0.9924 min04.95
New 20 PCS 8 Pin DIP8 Integrated Circuit IC Sockets Adaptor Solder Type IG 0.9925 min00.16
10sets XH2.54 2P Connector Set 0.1'' Header+Terminal+Housing Straight Pin 0.9928 min01.99
Black AA x 4 Open Battery Holder Box With 15cm Wires OJ 0.9928 min00.00
Black Toggle Switch Safety Cover Waterproof Safety Flip Cap OJ 0.9931 min00.00
4Pcs MYLB-Repair parts PC power momentary push button switch connector cable X8 0.4631 min50.00
50pk - 0805 (2012 Metric) Clear SMD LED - Color Red 0.9933 min02.75
4 Pin 12mm Led Light Metal Push Button Momentary Switch Waterproof 12v LUK 0.5533 min80.00
2PCS 0.1MM Copper Soldering Solder PPA Enamelled Repair Reel Wire 0.9935 min01.78
40x Dupont Cable 10cm 2.54mm 1p female to Female arduino raspberry pi jumper ESU 0.5138 min70.00
40x Dupont Cable 10cm 2.54mm 1p female to Female arduino raspberry pi jumper ESU 0.5738 min70.00
10Pc 1A 30V DC 250V On Off Push Button Switch for Mini Electric Torch White *SL 0.3139 min70.00
2pcs LED Rectangle Rocker Switch Power Supply Switch 21*15mm HU 0.9940 min00.00
10pcs Micro Roller Lever Arm Open Close Limit Switch Kw12-3 PCB Microswitch Hot 0.7541 min60.00
Waterproof Momentary Push Make Button Switch Off Car Boat Doorbell Selling 0.9943 min00.00
20PCS Light Dependent Resistor Photoresistor GL5549 5549 DIP 1.0043 min03.00
Hubbell HBL60CM31 - Seal Tite Short Boot 0.9945 min00.00
Hubbell HBL2313VY 20A Twist-Lock female 0.9945 min00.00
2x SN74LS323N, 8-Bit Universal Shift/Storage Register, Motorola 74LS323 IC 0.9946 min05.00
Hubbell Seal Tite Covers - Black 0.9946 min00.00
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