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Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes (2)
Agriculture & Forestry (1)
Automation, Motors & Drives (5)
Construction (3)
Electrical & Test Equipment (47)
Facility Maintenance & Safety (3)
Fasteners & Hardware (8)
Healthcare, Lab & Life Science (11)
Heavy Equipment Parts & Accs (8)
Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Pumps (2)
Manufacturing & Metalworking (4)
Material Handling (1)
Office (14)
Other Business & Industrial (1)
Restaurant & Catering (3)
Retail & Services (2)
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TitlePriceEnd TimeBidsS&H
Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes
5mm 100ft Kapton Tape BGA High Temperature Heat Resistant Polyimide Gold LS20 0.9915 min00.00
5mm 100ft Kapton Tape BGA High Temperature Heat Resistant Polyimide Gold LS12 0.9915 min00.00
Agriculture & Forestry
2 PCS Color Random Nipple Water Feeder Automatic Dispenser Drinker Waterer 1.2051 min00.00
Automation, Motors & Drives
NEW SRD-24VDC-SL-C 5Pin SONGLE Power Relay 24V DC SPDT PCB Type SRD-24VDC-S Blue 0.993 min01.99
NEW SRD-12VDC-SL-C 5Pin SONGLE Power Relay 12V DC SPDT PCB Type SRD-12VDC-S Blue 0.993 min01.55
DC 1.5V-3V 4*14MM Mini hollow cup Motor Micro Coreless vibration Motor Coreless 0.9910 min01.99
1pcs G3MB-202P DC-AC PCB SSR In 5V DC Out 240V AC 2A Solid State Relay Module s2 0.9921 min01.85
LM358 100 Gain Signal Amplification Module Operational Amplifier DC5-12VSM 0.9928 min00.00
LEVITON 80514-I Plate,Wall,1 Gang,Ivory 0.448 min05.00
350420 2" Poly MIP Adapter 0.9943 min07.65
350154 1-1/2x1-1/4 Coupling, Pack of 5 0.9954 min07.65
Electrical & Test Equipment
1 x RP-SMA Male Jack Center to RP-SMA Male Jack in Series RF Adapter Connector 0.991 min02.49
50pcs Wire 3 Position Barrier Terminal Strip Block 450V 30A 22-10 AWG 0.012 min015.99
MC145156P(1 item) 0.994 min01.69
1X JoyStick Breakout Module Game Shield PS2 Joystick Game Controller Switch 0.994 min00.00
2pcs Battery Clip Insulated Clamp 50mm 10A 2-0012 1 Pcs Red+1 Pcs Black 0.994 min02.00
2pcs Battery Alligator Clip Insulated Clamp W/Boot Medium Size 36mm Red Black 0.995 min02.00
74HC14A HEX INVERTER,SCHMITT TRIGGER,ON Semiconductor 0.995 min01.93
100PCS NEW 270Ω 270 Ohm 1/4W 0.25W 5% Carbon Film Resistors NEW CA 1.317 min00.00
1 x New SMA Male to SMA Male Plug in Series RF Coaxial Adapter Connector 0.997 min02.49
10 pcs 250V 15A Fuses Quick Blow Glass Tube 6 x 30mm New 0.998 min02.80
Universal CHINA UK to US AC Power Travel Plug Charger Adapter Converter 1PC A2 0.309 min00.00
3 Pcs New Opto Optical Endstop End Stop Switch CNC For 3D Printer Mendel Prusa 0.3110 min50.00
CAPACITOR 0.68MF/100V METAL POLY or 680nf/100v (3 ITEMS) 0.9911 min01.93
30Pcs Micro Switch Push Button 6*6*7 Mm Ic New A 0.9913 min01.80
1Pcs 9V Battery Wire Plug 5.5X2.1Mm Holder Box Case For Arduino New Ic C 0.9913 min01.80
2Pcs 10 Segment Digital Red Led Bar Graph Display Ultra Bright New Ic S 0.9914 min01.80
10Pcs 3A 400V Diode Rectifier 1N5404 Ic New F 0.9916 min01.80
5LO38I Oscilloscope CRT TUBE 1.0019 min030.00
10 pcs 250V 30A Fuses Quick Blow Glass Tube 6 x 30mm New 0.9921 min02.80
Buck Converter Step-Down Adjustable Converter Power Module Regulator LM2596 0.3524 min50.00
2/5/10pcs D-SUB DB9 9 Pin Female IDC Crimp Connector for Flat Ribbon Cable 0.9925 min00.00
AC DC LCD Display Auto Professional Electric Handheld Tester Digital MultimeterH 0.0128 min010.99
100pcs 100K ohm Ω 100KR ±5% 1206 (3216) 1/4W SMD Chip Resistor 3.2mm×1.6mm 1.2928 min00.00
100PCS 5mm Flat Top LED Diodes Water Clear Transparent Red Light Wide Angle 0.7031 min60.00
100pcs Diffused Slow Flash LED 5mm RGB 2 pin Automatically flashing led Diodes 0.9932 min01.70
5Pcs Slide Type Switch Module 2.54mm 6-Bit 6 Position Way DIP Red Pitch CA NEW 1.2934 min00.00
5Pcs Transistor Npn 1.5A 80V Bd139 To126 New Ic E 0.9935 min01.80
Sim Card Slot Connector Tray Socket Handset Phone (Plastic Open-Cover Type) Ic D 0.9935 min01.80
5pcs Double-Side SMD SOT223 SOT89 to DIP SIP3 Adapter PCB Board Converter NEW CA 1.2936 min00.00
3 PCS Strip Tin PCB Female IC Breakable 40pin Single Row Round Header Socket JG 0.9936 min00.00
5V 1A Micro USB 18650 Battery Charging Board Charger Module + Protection 0.9937 min00.00
Arlington LV1 1-Gang Low Voltage Device Mounting Plate for 1/4" - 1" Thick Walls 0.9937 min06.35
1M 0-800℃ Screw Thread Thermocouple K Type For Exhaust Gas Temperature Probe 42 1.0038 min00.00
Pair 39.37" Double-ended Test Leads Alligator Crocodile Roach Clip Jumper Wire 0.3538 min60.00
New Multi-color 10 Pcs Mini Test Hook Clip Test Probe for Testing SMD 1.2639 min00.00
MICRO USB to DIP Adapter 5pin female connector B type pcb converter CA NEW 1.2939 min00.00
10pcs NEW 8Pin DIP SIP Round IC Sockets Adaptor Solder Type gold plated machined 1.2942 min00.00
4PCS IC LM324N LM324 DIP14 TI Low Power Quad Op-Amp NEW CA 1.2942 min00.00
LM4562NA Dual High Performance Audio Op Amp IC 4562NA 0.9942 min02.90
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