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TitlePriceEnd TimeBidsS&H
Automation, Motors & Drives
10 Pieces Vibration Switch Shake Sensor Switch for Shake Rod Skates 0.333 min40.00
10 x SW-18010P Electronic Vibration Sensor Switch Sensing Devices 0.514 min70.00
Bluetooth Serial Transceiver Module Base Board Enable clear button For Arduino 0.504 min80.00
Allen Bradley 40793-600-02 Hardware Kit for Overload Relay NEW 0.994 min00.00
UNO R3 Board + Ethernet Shield W5100 SD Slot Expansion Board For Arduino 0.9914 min01.85
UNO R3 Board + Ethernet Shield W5100 SD Slot Expansion Board For Arduino 0.9914 min01.85
Allen Bradley DB9F/AAA-161-2-137950 Plastic IDC NEW 0.9921 min00.00
5 Pair of 5mmx5mmx9mm Carbon Brushes for Generic Electric Motor Power Parts Tool 0.0132 min03.92
ABS plastic Universal Solderless Breadboard 400 Contacts Tie-points Available 0.5635 min40.00
40PCS Dupont wire jumper cables 20cm 2.54MM male to male 1P-1P For Arduino 0.8435 min70.00
FOXBORO P0900EU RQANS1 P0900EU 0.9940 min010.00
FOXBORO P0900EW RQANS1 P0900EW 0.9940 min010.00
10X 6.5x7.5x13.5mm Carbon Brushes for Generic Electric Motor Hot Sale SU 1.0641 min00.00
GORMAN RUPP N0612 15990 RQANS1 N061215990 0.9941 min010.00
10 X Vibration Switch Shake Sensor Switch for Shake Rod Skates Gyro output new 0.0645 min20.00
WEATHERHEAD C5229X6 RQANS2 C5229X6 0.9945 min010.00
VCC 5300H1 RQANS2 5300H1 0.9947 min010.00
TYCO 2-641604-3 RQANS2 26416043 0.9947 min010.00
TOSHIBA 4N35 RQANS2 4N35 0.9947 min010.00
LAWSON PRODUCTS 98230 RQAUS1 98230 0.9947 min010.00
LAWSON PRODUCTS 3433-1 RQANS1 34331 0.9947 min010.00
LAWSON PRODUCTS 83846 RQANS1 83846 0.9947 min010.00
RAPID AIR 60900162 RQANS1 60900162 1.0047 min010.00
SMC BQ-1 RQANS1 BQ1 0.9947 min010.00
HARTING 09-33-000-9908 RQANS1 09330009908 0.9947 min010.00
LEVITON R42-88103 RQANS1 R4288103 0.9947 min010.00
RAPID AIR 60900087 RQANS1 60900087 0.9947 min010.00
PI MANUFACTURING 940-320 RISCN1 940320 0.9947 min010.00
10 x New SW-18010P Electronic Vibration Sensor Switch 0.3548 min30.00
PIR IR Infrared Probe KP500B Infrared Sensor for Arduino Raspberry pi Mega UNO 0.5550 min50.00
Soil Hygrometer HumidityDetection ModuleMoisture TestingSensor for Arduino PI LW 0.9954 min00.00
One channel Relay module 5V DC & Dupont jumper wire for Arduino AVR PIC 0.9958 min01.98
A4988 Stepper driver with heatsink sticker for RAMPS Prusa I3 3d printer 0.9958 min01.98
VIEGA PROPRESS 79310, Adapter, 3/4 x 1/2 In, P x FNPT 1.0015 min06.00
Electrical & Test Equipment
Teflon wire, Alpha 5859 or equiv, 14 gauge Mil 16878/4, silver plated per foot 0.99seconds00.50
10pcs New 18 pin 18pin DIP IC Sockets Adaptor Solder 0.99seconds02.00
Weidmuller WAP-16/35/WTW2.5/4/6/10 End Plate Beige USED 0.991 min00.00
Car Wash Equipment Coin Box Heat Tape 2" x 4" 24 Volt. 20watt 0.991 min13.98
Wago 281-335 Rail Mounted Terminal Block End Plate Orange USED 0.991 min00.00
65Pcs Male to Male Solderless Flexible Breadboard Jumper Cable Wires For Arduino 0.932 min31.85
Leviton 70515-P Plug 0.993 min00.00
Carlon E943H Male Adaptor SCH40 1-1/2 0.993 min00.00
Weidmuller ZVL1.5BR Terminal Block - Brown 1.5mm 250V NEW 0.994 min00.00
Weidmuller ZVL1.5RE Terminal Block Red USED 0.994 min00.00
Weidmuller ZAP/TW1 (Tan) Terminal Block End Plate USED 0.994 min00.00
Weidmuller ZAP/TW3 Terminal End Plate Beige 2mm USED 0.994 min00.00
WEIDMULLER ZAP/TW ZIA 1 5/3L Terminal Block NEW 1.005 min00.00
Weidmuller WTR2.5 Terminal Block 2.5mm 500V USED 0.995 min00.00
Allen Bradley 1492-R4 Terminal Block Feed Through USED 0.995 min00.00
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