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Antiquarian & Collectible
Walt Disney's Pinocchio A Vintage Little Golden Book 1990 1.00seconds00.00
vintage 1st edition hardback Many Moons 0.991 min03.99
Scots Story Recitations - A B Harley - 1942 0.502 min020.75
Ruth Adams Knight LUCK OF THE IRISH 1st Edition 1st Printing 0.994 min03.00
Life of Presiden Garfield Illustrated 1881 by William Ralston Balch 0.995 min00.00
VINTAGE Book BACKLASH Morris L. West Pulp Fiction 1959 Perma Books Paperback 0.995 min02.50
Adam Bede by George Eliot Alta Edition 1870's 0.995 min00.00
#51 The Masked Monkey The Hardy Boys by Franklin W. Dixon 0.997 min00.00
#3 The House on the Cliff The Hardy Boys by Franklin W. Dixon 0.997 min00.00
Donna Parker at Cherrydale by Marcia Martin 0.997 min00.00
Over The Polar Ice: An Andy Lane Story by Eustace L. Adams 0.997 min00.00
#22 The Flickering Torch Mystery by Franklin W. Dixon 0.997 min00.00
#17 Mystery of the Brass-Bound Trunk Nancy Drew Mystery Stories by Carolyn Keene 0.998 min00.00
Our Hearts Were Young and Gay by Cornelia Otis Skinner & Emily Kimbrough 1944 0.9910 min02.75
Vintage Bulletin from the Archeological Society of NJ #14 circa November 1957 1.0013 min25.00
1922 webster dictionary, 40000 words 1.0014 min10.00
Madame De Lafayette ~ The Princess Of Cleves ~ PB ~ Translated By Nancy Mitford 0.9914 min04.85
Whitman Book - Annette Funicello MYSTERY AT SMUGGLERS ‘COVE Walt Disney 1963 0.9915 min04.00
Your Home Freeser Ann Seranne Lib. Book HB 1953 0.9924 min04.00
Spy High yearbook parody featuring Donald Trump 0.9926 min03.75
ANGUS LOST By Marjorie Flack ~ Marjorie Flack ~ 1932, #02284 95 cents 0.9928 min03.50
Teaching of Lord Chaitanya NEW! STILL IN SHRINK WRAP 0.9930 min02.63
Antique 1932 Cloth Baby's First Book Saalfield Publishing~ Great Graphics 0.9935 min00.00
Vintage THE DEERSLAYER by James Fenimore Cooper 1961 Softcover 0.9937 min03.37
Vintage Whitman Book ~ ONE HUNDRED BEST POEMS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS ~ 1930 0.9938 min13.30
Norman Rockwell- A Sixty Year Retrospective- Hardcover- 1972 0.9942 min05.00
Riders to the Sea: A Play in One Act by J. M. Synge (1911 John Luce & Company) 0.9943 min00.00
Vintage Children's Book ~ A LITTLE GIRL'S TREASURY OF THINGS-TO-DO ~ 1946 0.9945 min13.60
Great Short Stories Volume 1 Detective Stories William Patten Book 1906 Used 0.9946 min03.49
Naylor Gloria * Bailey's Cafe * 1st Advance Copy - SIGNED 1.0050 min03.50
vintage book named The Calling of Dan Matthews by Harold Bell Wright 0.2550 min03.50
Paloverde Jacqueline Briskin HC 1978 0.9951 min00.00
Vintage Children's Book ~ MAKING MARIONETTES by C. Edmund Rossbach ~ 1938 0.9954 min13.80
vintage book named " Give Is Our Dream" by Arthemise Goertz 1947 0.2555 min03.50
The Adventures of Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens, Illustrated, Donohue & Co. 0.9958 min04.25
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