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TitlePriceEnd TimeBidsS&H
Electrical & Test Equipment
Regal 711 Coupling 1/2 inch USED 0.993 min00.00
Klemsan PEK-16 Feed-Through Screw Terminal NEW 0.994 min00.00
Weidmuller WDU1.5/ZZ Terminal Block 12-24 AWG USED 0.995 min00.00
CML 1090A1-28V Indicator Lamp Red 16mm Bulb 28V 13mm Mount Hole NEW 0.995 min00.00
1 sets Screw nut Three-piece a set for Standard SMA 1/4 - 36UNS-2B Gold Plated 0.9910 min02.00
Allen Bradley 1492-WM4 Single Circuit Miniature Block 4mm Gray USED 0.9913 min00.00
Allen Bradley 1492-HM1Y Terminal Block Yellow USED 0.9914 min00.00
Allen Bradley 1492-J4 Terminal Block, Gray USED 0.9914 min00.00
Allen Bradley 1492-HM1B Terminal Block Blue 600V USED 0.9914 min00.00
Ciama BTB-10 Terminal Block 750V 10mm USED 0.9914 min00.00
Entrelec M4/6-5116 Terminal Block 600V 24-10AWG Blue USED 0.9914 min00.00
Allen Bradley 1492-HM1 600V Terminal Block Green USED 0.9914 min00.00
ALLEN-BRADLEY 1492-CA Terminal Block BLUE USED 0.9914 min00.00
Allen Bradley 1492-L3 Terminal Block 2.5mm USED 0.9914 min00.00
Allen Bradley 1492-HM1R Terminal Block Red 600V USED 0.9914 min00.00
ALLEN-BRADLEY 1492-U Plastic Face Plate: Terminal Block USED 1.0015 min00.00
50pcs SMD TRIAC MAC97A6 1A 400V transistor sot- 23 #BD211-1 1.0015 min00.00
MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Module 6.5-12V 3.3V/5V For Solderless Breadboard b 0.8016 min80.00
RF Transmitter Receiver Modules Wireless Link Kit for Arduino/ARM/MCU WL 0.9916 min00.00
HP Agilent 11602B Transistor Test Fixture with case 1.0023 min00.00
Weather Pack 1set 4Pin Sealed Waterproof Electrical Wire Connector Plug16-14 GA 0.9923 min10.00
Weidmuller WDU4 Terminal Blocks 4mm 2 Position USED 0.9923 min00.00
CFM Master II Digital 1 Piece Meter 0.9927 min10.00
82x52x35mm DIY Plastic Electronic Project Box Enclosure Instrument Case GN 0.9927 min10.00
Entrelec M4/6 Terminal Block 6mm Grey USED 0.9932 min00.00
Phoenix Contact USK10 Terminal Block Grey USED 0.9932 min00.00
Weidmuller SAK-4-EN Terminal Block Blue USED 0.9932 min00.00
10-100Pcs LED Ceiling Quick Fix Spring Clamp Terminal Block Connector 10A 2 Way 0.9935 min00.00
KLD-SMT-0201L-B KYCON DC Power Connectors 1.3mm MINI SMT JACK POWER JACK 0.9937 min00.00
Black 1mm Dia. 2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing Tube Wire Wrap Cable Sleeve 1M N3 0.9938 min00.00
Teflon wire, Alpha 5859 or equiv, 14 gauge Mil 16878/4, silver plated per foot 0.9939 min00.50
Wago 281-335 Rail Mounted Terminal Block End Plate Orange USED 0.9941 min00.00
Boca 56K Modem Aluminum Case Enclosure Raspberry Pi Arduino NUC Project Box DIY 0.9941 min00.00
AMD AM29F040B-90PC 4-Mbit (512Kb*8) Flash Memory ROM EPROM BIOS IC Chip 32-DIP 0.9941 min00.00
Leviton 70515-P Plug 0.9942 min00.00
Carlon E943H Male Adaptor SCH40 1-1/2 0.9943 min00.00
1PC DR15 Female Triplex Row 15 pin Angle VGA Socket Connector q1 0.2043 min00.00
Weidmuller ZVL1.5BR Terminal Block - Brown 1.5mm 250V NEW 0.9944 min00.00
Weidmuller ZVL1.5RE Terminal Block Red USED 0.9944 min00.00
Weidmuller ZAP/TW1 (Tan) Terminal Block End Plate USED 0.9944 min00.00
10*14 Pin 2.54mm Double Row 2x7 Female Straight Header Pitch Socket Pin Strip q1 0.3644 min30.00
WEIDMULLER ZAP/TW ZIA 1 5/3L Terminal Block NEW 1.0044 min00.00
Weidmuller WTR2.5 Terminal Block 2.5mm 500V USED 0.9944 min00.00
Allen Bradley 1492-R4 Terminal Block Feed Through USED 0.9944 min00.00
Weidmuller ZVL1.5BL Terminal Block - Blue 1.5mm 250V NEW 0.9945 min00.00
Allen Bradley 1492-GM35 Terminal Block Ground Marker USED 0.9945 min00.00
Phoenix Contact UT4 Terminal Block - Grey USED 0.9945 min00.00
Weidmuller ZAP/TW5 Terminal Block End Plate Beige USED 0.9945 min00.00
40PCS 10CM Male To Female Jumper Wire Colorful Ribbon Cable q1 0.2545 min20.00
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